31 Oct

Where to find the best telecommunication plans in Western Australia

One of the best things about Australia: In terms of adoption of technology, it never went behind and always fared better than its neighbour New Zealand. The Australian Post master general’s department had handled most of the telecommunications affairs back in the days of the Federation as well as post-independence Australia as well. Onwards from 1975, the Australian telecommunications commission was founded which eventually turned into Telstra. Today, Australia has an array of telecoms providers and each having its own promotional offers. Yomojo voucher codes have been a blessing for both Australians and Foreigners alike, and Australians having budgetary concerns have made the most of Yomojo quite well. Find more exclusive discount and promo code only at SuperSaverMama.

Moving to Central Coast from Chennai has been a tough journey, as I began my job at Dream World as a guest relations officer, eventually working my way into public relations. Australia is an expensive place to be, and recently I hit the lottery of around AUD$ 125,000 which helped me provide the bank a collateral of AUD$ 40,000 for a loan regarding the apartment I live in as most of my money went into other expenses.

Telecommunications data plan has been something I needed to work on as most of my money went in flames over expensive data packages I wasn’t able to sustain. My neighbour recommended me Yomojo and it was there I came across an array of data packages, whether I had a 2G phone, a 3G smartphone or a 4G one. They have one of the best 4G plans at around AUD$ 29.90 for every 30 days which is automatically renewable.

I now have been able to make a good and steady income and will now plan on moving to Brisbane as Gold Coast is expensive. Yomojo has not only helped me get registered easily online but also their online processes are smooth: meaning that if I move to Brisbane earlier than anticipated, my connection won’t get blocked and any amendments that are needed in my profile can be made online easily. The plans Yomojo has are among the best and have helped me contact my loved ones back home.

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