15 Aug

Follow Traditions in True Sense with Zalora Promo Code

The Islamic ideology followed by the majority in Malaysia believes in wearing all those dresses which their tradition permits. They along with trend and fashion want to keep their virtues alive as well. My family never restricted on anything yet I believed in drawing a line where I can set and make my dear ones follow the rules are to be followed. This year my daughter completed her high school with flying colors and her father was looking forward to celebrate this great occasion with huge dinner inviting his friends and families. This where Zalora promo code helped me and my daughter when we were in distress.

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The preps were all on me as it was a home based event where I had to look after the food and decoration to take place in the huge lawn in our backyard. My daughter was busy with her own preparations where she had to select a dress for her big event. I was not able to go shopping with her and every day she went for her dress but returned back empty handed. Just 4 days before the event I was going to bed at night after cleaning the kitchen I saw my daughter in great stress sitting on her bed. I got worried and went to her. On inquiry she told me that she wanted to wear something which every muslimah like her would have wanted to wear to thank Allah for His great help and she was not able to find any good quality dress which stressed to the next level.

I calmed down after hearing what she said as I knew that one place which could solve her problem as she was so into pleasing her Lord and parents on her success. I asked her to explore Zalora coupon code which can answer all her queries and even will make her avail discount on her purchase. She followed my advice and next day the bright smile on her face showed she got what she was looking for. Which was quite relieving as Zalora promotional codes helped her find what she was looking for.

The big day was here and my daughter got her parcel dispatched to her yesterday and she hugged me tight after she tried her dress. She didn’t show me what she got as she said it will be surprise for me and her dad. I didn’t force into it as well as I knew she was happy and relaxed with her purchase. In the evening when guests started coming and almost the backyard was full of people I knocked on her room’s door to call her out. She told me she will be out in 5 min. I came back to attend our guests and waited for her to come down.

I was standing next to my husband when my daughter stood there in the door towards backyard. The most elegant and pure site of beauty I saw in my daughter. She wore the Malaysian traditional dress which was all sophisticated and trendy at the same time with head covered with hijab. She gleamed like a bright star in the clothese and accessories she ordered from Zalora using Zalora discount code which made me her father proud.

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