31 Oct

Women love casual sandals, and its true

Casual clothing and footwear isn’t just for men! It’s for ladies as well!

Why should men have all the fun when women can have fun as well? After all, those heels can surely strain your foot and the formal footwear can tire your feet pretty much. You love to spend an evening outside but you’re not in the mood for wearing any running or casual shoe because you want your toes to feel the cool breeze of Brisbane in the evening. You want to relax your feet and pamper them. So why not! Hype DC Discount Code is the best thing to happen to you! Hype DC is the leading retailer of casual shoes, sandals and sneakers in Australia and a true blessing for Australians of all backgrounds. Find more exclusive discount and promo code only at supersavermama.

I am a student of Business Administration at University of Brisbane, and I am a proud Mama’s girl. I love hanging out with my friends whenever I get the time, and Brisbane’s beaches are one of the best places to hang out too. At times, even I take my mum out for an evening walk as the breeze of Brisbane itself is unmatchable. I just finished my internship at Suncorp and those formal shoes were tiring, though they went along well with my office attire.

I sometimes get tired of wearing shoes and socks many times in a week and often feel like going in my sliders but when I put on my mum’s casual sandals, I felt much better and much relaxed: never mind they resemble men’s sandals but still as I often wore my younger brother’s sandals sometimes but they’re large for my feet.

I remembered 3 months ago about signing up for cut price coupons at Hype DC, and being a skateboarder girl, I asked myself how can I ever forget Hype DC?! I bought 3 pairs of sneakers from that website and I’ve been their regular just like my younger brother. I availed the coupons and ordered two pairs: one for me and the other for my mum.

Suicoke’s BITA-V sandals are even more unique! You don’t have to wear the socks to protect your toes from dust as they are covered. And with the perfect colours just for ladies and the best return policy as well, Hype DC has won my heart again.

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